The current pandemic definitely highlights the unbounded human spirit that exists within communities, one that bellows comradeship in the face of uncertainty, the likes of such that many of us have never faced before.

Standing on my porch last Thursday I was taken aback by the rapturous applause bellowing from my street, standing firm before the clutches of a virus that is taking every ounce of resilience from our soldiers on the front line. Within the space of 48 hours 750,000 people had registered to become a #NHSVolunteerResponder to add their energy directly to the battle.

Businesses, such as supermarkets…

The rate by which the United Kingdom incarcerates people is nothing less than shameful. According to, England and Wales has the highest rate of sending people to prison amongst Western European jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, by digging just a little deeper, the story gets much worse. Research from The Prison Reform Trust showed that a massive 26% of the prison population are from Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic backgrounds (BAME), with the economic cost of this over-representation in the system estimated to be £234 million a year. Also, a joint report between Stop-Watch and Release shows that black people are nine…

After detoxing from a decade of heroin and crack cocaine addiction in 2007, I was told that “You can’t volunteer for two years”. This did not deter me from wanting to activate my lived experience and my ambition was achieved when I became a volunteer with a drug treatment service, and joined SUIT in early 2008.

Initially, I was enthralled that someone, somewhere would want ME to be involved in some way. I would feel a deep excitement at being asked to attend Probation and speak to guys on Drug Rehabilitation Requirements about their experiences. …

Published by UK Parliament, Health and Social Care Committee

People have been using drugs for thousands of years. The likelihood that a person will build a dependency is based on the situation that the person is in, how they feel and who they are with when they are first exposed to drugs.

The majority of those that use illicit drugs continue to live a life with meaning and purpose and enjoy using drugs recreationally. For others, their use of drugs will result in dependency which can have a substantial negative impact on their ability to progress in life. Health harms…

By Sunny Dhadley FRSA

With drug-related deaths at the highest number since comparable statistics began, why aren’t more homelessness services using naloxone to prevent overdose deaths?

Naloxone is the emergency antidote for overdoses caused by heroin and other opiates/opioids. It temporarily reverses the main life-threatening effect of these drugs, which is the slowing and stopping of breathing, providing more time for an ambulance to be called and treatment to be administered.

In 2005, a change in the UK Medicines Act allowed naloxone to be administered by anyone for the purpose of saving a life in an emergency. From 1st October 2015, new legislation came…

UK Parliament (Lords Select Committee)

More than ever, it is vitally important in the 21st Century that the views, opinions and thoughts of civic society are considered and listened to. Citizenship and civic engagement should take place in various forms and guises (especially with digital advances). Each citizen has a right to feel involved and appreciated within Britain, but due to varying reasons there is a feeling of discord and disconnection amongst society and I feel that it is the role of Government to address this situation directly. …

‘Many genetic, environmental and social factors contribute to the determination of a person’s unique susceptibility to using drugs initially, sustaining drug use, and undergoing the progressive changes in the brain that characterise addiction’ (Volkow et al, 2016)

Between 22nd and 24th February 2016, I participated in an Executive Course on ‘Drug Policy, Diplomacy and Global Public Health’ at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva as part of their Global Health Programme. The course aimed to inform participants on matters related to international drug policy and the impact that this has had on the global population.


Sunny Dhadley FRSA

TEDx Speaker | Social Leader & Impact Advisor | Motivational Speaker | Humanity Coach | LEx Leader | RSA Fellow | Consultant | Change Maker | Dreamer

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