Hmmm, surely @ev or @biz have something to say about this demise.
Jason Reuter

I agree with you J. Roto. The thing about the follow — follow back to then Unfollow is childish; simply put that’s not the kind of person I want to associate with. And, the most annoying part is they follow first! Solution? Use Crowdfire to vet out the losers. Regarding this super well-written article about Twitter dying and the abuse and the advertising and-and-and-and (get out the violin) Twitter is the most amazing way to communicate in real-time and obviously the writer hasn’t been on Periscope. I’m not sure who his Twitter peeps are but I disagree whole-heartedly with a brow-beating article that uses the word Twitter is dying. Instead; I say, LONG LIVE TWITTER! Jack Dorsey

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