5 Instagram Accounts That Inspire Us

Inspiration can come from virtually anywhere. Seeking new ways to remain inspired is an integral part of the process of creating quality content. This is a list of Instagram accounts that inspire some of the creative minds here at SociallyIn.

#1 @thiswildidea inspires Matthew Myles

Photographer Theron Humphrey travels around the United States with his faithful coonhound, Maddie. Humphrey archives all of their various adventures together on his Instagram account, creating a grid of adventurous photographs alongside man’s best friend. His account has exceeded 1 million followers and is updated frequently with new, unique content.

#2 @humansofny inspires Matthew Myles

Journalist Brandon Stanton’s blog, Humans of New York, has received national acclaim for its unique and provocative style. Humans of New York showcases citizens of New York City with a portrait and a quotation. With this simple formula, Stanton has created a national narrative, receiving comments and acclaim from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and even President Barack Obama.

#3 @quietgiantdesign inspires Hank Washington

Much smaller than the previously listed artists, Ian Young sports a sharp, clean design process that rivals each of them. Both a barber and graphic designer, Young draws from every aspect of his artistic talents to refine and improve his branding and content.

#4 @vsco inspires Matthew Myles

VSCO is a well-established platform in the realm of visual art, particularly photography. Curating the art of photographers from around the world, VSCO sports an inspirational feed and unique style. For this reason, it is often used as a forum for both amateur and experienced photographers who want to diversify their content.

@kreadiv inspires Adrian Marcus

Kreadiv turns the curation of creativity into an art process of its own. Collecting a portfolio of the most creative images posted to instagram, Kreadiv has created a consistent and aesthetically impressive workflow out of their newsfeed.


A large part of expanding your own artistic process can actually come from watching others. Keeping an open mind in your approach to creativity and creative content is necessary if you wish to improve. If you want to be inspired by our work here at Sociallyin, check our website at sociallyin.com and follow us on our Instagram, @sociallyin.

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