What is Taringa?

Taringa! is one of the major social networking apps in Latin America besides Facebook.

Mar 31, 2018 · 2 min read

It boasts over 28 million users and is the fourth most popular app in Latin America as well as the second most popular app in Argentina, which is also its country of origin.

It is used widely in also Mexico, Spain Colombia, Chile, Peru and the US Latino Community. It primarily serves the Spanish-speaking community as the only two lanugages available are English and Spanish.

Taringa! has been described as a combination of Reddit and Facebook in that content is divided into topics where users can create the content themselves and thenreceive feedback in the form of comments and upvotes/downvotes. Posts are categorized into one of three sections: Highlights, Emerging and Most Recent.

Since its inception, the creators have successfully taken steps to accommodate their growing userbase. In 2014, the creators updated their site to include a new geo-tracking feature that personalizes a user’s homepage based on the top posts from their own country, displaying the most relevant issues at the time. In 2015, they began collaborating with Xapo, a Bitcoin wallet and service provider, to incorporate a Bitcoin feature in Taringa! aimed specifically towards Latin America, where many live “bankless” meaning they do not own bank accounts or credit cards. After their integration a couple months later, Taringa! saw a drastic spike in revenue as well as user content creation because of the monetary incentive now available through Bitcoin rewards to the highest rated posters.

This Argentinian company has seen unprecedented success and through their recent activity, they appear to remain relevant for the long-term.

This article is an overview of the social media niche players that we, at Socialman social giveaway app, see at the moment and give a prediction as to where they might be headed.

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