Cambridge Curriculum

Corinth school district adopted the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum and assessments. Corinth is currently the only school in Mississippi involved with the CIE curriculum.

The University of Cambridge International Examinations is the largest worldwide provider for 14–19 year olds seeking international qualifications. Universities, educators, and employers recognize the large qualification range of the CIE. The CIE curriculum strives to further student preparation for college and the workforce. This curriculum will also affect students in kindergarten through 8th grade. These students will learn a variety of standards from that curriculum in the classrooms.

Cambridge exams require students to complete short answer, essay, or performance tasks rather than multiple-choice questions on state exams. Students will receive a specific diploma based on their testing performance.

One diploma option is the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Honors Diploma. To receive this diploma, students must study at least three subjects from the areas of the curriculum: Mathematics and Sciences; Language; Arts and Humanities. This vast balanced curriculum will greatly benefit students planning to attend universities or entering the business world. The Cambridge AICE Diploma program requires passes in at least six credits. Each Cambridge “AS” Level counts as one full credit. A Cambridge “A” Level counts as a double credit qualification.

The AICE Diploma is structured to receive high recognition internationally. Admission officers recognize the International A and AS Level gold standard, but also value a student’s range of study, therefor students following the AICE program score a double advantage.

Another diploma option is the “early-exit diploma.” Students can earn this diploma after meeting a variety of standards at the end of 10th grade. Students can also receive diplomas such as: the district’s standard diploma, a college and career readiness diploma, a career technical diploma, and a diploma for students with disabilities.

“We all recognize the current high school model does not work for all students. It is critically important to prepare our students for a global economy. The Mississippi Legislature understands that offering curriculum that challenges the thinking of our students will benefit the state and our country. In fact, the legislature has prioritized funding to help implement the Excellence for All program,” said Dr. Lynn House, Interim State Superintendent of Education.


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