Editing with CARP Design Principles

In my webinar design class, we are learning to apply principles of CARP design to our assignments. I came across this website with great examples of all the CARP design principles and had to share it. CARP is designing with contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity in mind.

Here is a design with no CARP at all:

from: http://digestwebdesign.com/carp_exercise.html

This is a design with NO CARP applied. It is very boring and it is too much text to read with very little visually pleasing graphics. The text is not aligned as it should be. Contrast is needed to highlight the titles and subtitles, to tell the reader where to look first.

Below you can see the product after applying contrast:


And after alignment and repetition:


Here is the final design after applying proximity:


What a difference from the first image! This proves the value in using CARP in all designs, especially if you want to engage your audience.

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