Everyone deserves a good day. But the reality is this: Some days are better than others. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. And once in a while, every stoplight seems to be waging its own little war against you.

Here’s another reality: Sometimes bad days become good days. Those are the ones when the sun comes out. It’s like that with your health. Sometimes you find unexpected relief from the pain that has been troubling you for years.

Until a few years ago, an enormous population of adults suffered with chronically-painful legs that the medical community struggled to diagnose and treat. Patients were given limited options to relieve the pain — and a limited opportunity to feel good again.

Fortunately, advancements in diagnostic ultrasound gave physicians the chance to discover that a significant amount of leg pain came from veins that weren’t working properly. Instead of flowing to the heart, blood that was flowing through veins close to the surface of the skin was flowing backwards and pooling in the legs. Sometimes, these veins were visible. And other times, they were not. Regardless, in most instances, these diseased veins were the culprit of the pain.

Fast forward fifteen years.

Treatment for superficial venous insufficiency, or varicose veins, has been approved by the medical community and by insurance providers. Effective in-office procedures offer success rates that are nothing short of outstanding. Millions of women and men have been successfully treated with minimal downtime. In most instances, patients return to full activity after a single treatment. Today, legs that ache due to varicose vein disease are legs that can be healthy again.

If your legs ache, burn or constantly itch, call us. Set up an appointment to see what’s going on within your body and to begin the healing process. Your legs will let you live again. And isn’t that a great way to get your party started?

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