Life is all about balance.

Be it the water to follow your coffee, the gym session to follow your night out, the walk outside to your day in front of a screen, we need balance in life to stay focused.

Too much of anything is a bad thing. So finding the ying to the yang, is key when it comes to staying focused on the things that matter.

Take “work/life balance” for example, something that perhaps the Steve Jobs and Elon Musks of the world would ever shout about, but having a good balance here will always lead to incrementally better version of each one.

When Im going to the gym, I now focus on rotating between Push and Pull exercises. Why? Balance.

If Ive had a big week of drinking due to work commitments or whathaveyou, Ill usually aim to have a week off the following. This is not rocket-science obviously, but what it is, is a natural realisation that the more balanced we are the “better” we are.

On the most macro level I can think of, I married a Libra, of which astrologists have coined the sign of Balance. I am an Aries, brach, firey and irrational. I need Balance. I need my wife. Balance is key!

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