Why Yelp sucks for small business in small towns…and a couple of suggestions of how it could be…

I think there’s multiple aspects to this conversation. Everything from Yelp service being terrible to they’re limited selection of service categories for what she’s doing. The fact it’s not an actual brick n’ mortar (physical address) will make it difficult to gain traction. Even the recently added reviews. You can flag them to be reviewed by Yelp which may move them to recommended review, but it won’t happen quickly.

Tip: Encourage those reviewers to leave a few more reviews for establishments in Redmond. It will help.

The simple truth is the Zia’s business isn’t a great fit for Yelp or any other traditional local SEO effort. I would explore Facebook. Pages are okay, groups are better. Take the real-life interactions generated and build an online community with which she can share her thoughts / ideas.

“Just Be” Different. Identify the best mediums and channels that will truly let her passion shine. Yelp isn’t one of them. I wouldn’t get overly upset about it. Channel your energies elsewhere.

If you or Zia ever need help or just someone to bounce ideas off of. You know how to reach me. Hope the family is well. Give everyone our best.