Don’t Wait for the Headlines

By Sara Parker, Marketing Director, SocialVentures

Social enterprises don’t wait for the headlines.

For all of our progress as a species, recent events have demonstrated just how vulnerable we all are. It only takes one individual, a single catastrophic event, to shatter the lives of thousands. In these moments, the universal truths of our human condition reveal themselves. They require no words; they are self-evident. When disaster strikes, we cling in unison to the hope that is found in doing whatever is necessary to alleviate suffering.

There are countless individuals in our communities who endure unimaginable circumstances, siloed, in silence — suffering that rarely makes the headlines. Social enterprises don’t wait for the headlines. They seek out and strive to deliver relief to our most vulnerable populations. These entrepreneurs work tirelessly to fill the crevices of all too often fragmented human rights — the right to earn a fair wage, to have jurisdiction over our own bodies, to have access to shelter, and much more.

2017 has been particularly meaningful to us at SocialVentures, as we celebrate the more than 100 local social enterprises that have emerged throughout Central Ohio — triumphant in their collective social impact — over the past three years. We encourage consumers and impact investors to consider how you might help bring even more energy to the social enterprise movement, as we work to advance, mentor and invest in businesses that intentionally seek to humanize and provide hope and stability to those who are in the midst of their darkest days.

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