Inside One Founder’s Personal Fast Club
Jessi Hempel

Hi Jessie,

It’s great more folks are writing about fasting and sharing experiences of both therapeutic (health intervention) and hygienic (well-being maintenance) effects. It’s a practice burnished over thousands of years across multitudes of cultures and demographics, efficaciously producing myriads of health and well-being benefits with monotonous regularity.

It was common sense and widespread practice for eons and even by western allopathic medical professionals, until it suddenly wasn’t–concurrent with the rise of Big Pharma.

It’s not like this coverage of Libin shows WebMD like adoption, because fasting has not recovered that reputation and still lingers as a fringe, wing-nut, health-avenger and Silicon-Valley-what-are-they-doing-now-tsk-tsk head scratching click bait, but I’ll take it.

Thank you for offering a healthy neutral and professional viewpoint on fasting. If such narratives become more extant perhaps more people will realize the great value of fasting amidst our ever-rising tide of iotragenic invasive health procedures, practices and products.

We confront so much crap today on and off our dinner plates–most all of what we simply don’t need–and we habitually feed the belief in a life lived by consuming more things.

And at some point for all of us, more’s the pity…

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