Dear Community

Unfortunately we have to close down the SocialX company and stop proceeding our idea of creating a decentralised social network.

Let us explain why

After raising the ICO in January 2018

The money run out around January 2019 due to ETH dropping quite substantially. Despite numerous attempts working with the banking industry, we were not able to open a bank account due to strict regulation in the crypto segment. While we have been very vigilant with our spending, the significant reduction of ETH has depleted our cash rapidly. …

Dear Community,

This memo is intended to update everyone on SocialX progress, especially on 2 major issues: stability of SocialX apps and funding opportunity.

Stability of the app

We evaluated internally that a hybrid approach is currently faster for achieving a stable and fast social media application on the mobile phone. That being said we are currently refactoring part of the application and code base to fit this exact model. …

Dear Community,

in this blog, we would like to explain what the current status of our App looks like, which problems prevent it from running stable and which updates we already have implemented in order to fix them.

The SocialX App

The current App and it´s problems.

As the ones who were already testing our app have experienced themselves nobody is currently able to login into the SocialX App. There are several reasons for this problem:

  • Network inconsistency between user phones
  • Connection problem with some users phones to the main nodes corrupting data for normal users
  • Blocks get out of sync once the…

Dear community,

This month we would like to use our monthly recap blog to give you further information about our newly updated roadmap.


Wallet integration (90% 90%)
Integrating a wallet solution into our Dapp is nearly finished. It still needs some last tweaks to get the wallet api working with the app.

Encrypted Messaging (60% 95%)
Encrypted messaging functionality has been added to the backend, has been tested and is fully functional. We have also been integrating the blockchain api into an external lib that handles the communication.

Voice & Video Calls (10% → 40%) We have integrated…

Dear Community,

As you might have noticed we pushed out several new version of our SocialX-App during the last month. Just now we have released a major update. It includes further performance improvements and fixes the bug, which caused the app to crash when trying to login or registering a new account. Furthermore, it fixes several smaller issues you forwarded to us via GitHub. A big Thanks, to everyone who created an issue on GitHub in order to help us fulfilling our vision of a decentralised social network.

Unfortunately, we also had to do deal with major security issues caused…

Dear community,

This month we would not only like to give you an overview of what happened during the last month but also give you an outline of how we are coming along with fulfilling the vision of SocialX.

Release of our SocialX Video

We are very happy with the outcome of our video-production and if you have not checked it out yet, be sure to do so !

So… what’s next ?

The Switch to EOS (80%)

As you might know our SOCX-Token is an ERC-20 Standard Token and therefore our network has to rely on the Ethereum-Blockchain. We feel like the EOS-Blockchain is a better and…

Dear Community,

first and foremost we hope that everyone had a lovely christmas and arrived safely into 2019!

Nearly one year after the ICO ended — what has happened?

  • We have released SocialX’s 1st Version of the Beta
  • We issued a total of 34 Medium Posts
  • We have executed over 836 commits since we migrated to our decentralised infrastructure
  • We are continuously working on reward system, blockchain and decentralisation with our react native application (if you don’t have the invite yet you will be invited maybe in the next batch so stay tuned)
  • We have a stable core team now of 8 members (external not included in this number)
  • Our telegram…

Dear community,

The last month was an exciting one and we are happy to present you what the team has been working on.

SocialX-Beta release


During the last months we build a scalable and decentralised social media network as we promised earlier this year. Now it’s time to release it bit by bit to ensure that everyone will have SocialX on his radar over the next months. With over 662 commits we will soon be able to present you the latest stage of the app. The private circle will be the first to get a glance at the App followed by everyone who signed up for the beta.

But of course in order to publish the beta we needed to design a stable infrastructure…

Dear community members,
In this blog I´ll give you an outline of how far our development and the grade of decentralization have become.

1. Being the first to run a distributed database with an react native application (mobile application).

We are proud to announce that we accomplished to run a distributed database with a react native application, which in other words is an application which runs on any mobile phone. In fact, we are the first ones to do so.

SocialX Network

SocialX is a decentralized social media platform allowing users to distribute content seamlessly and getting paid for their contribution to the network.

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