Choosing housing management software? Here are some valuable tips

In the year 2017, take the resolution of becoming techno-savvy and implement versatile housing society software in your township. Yes, when the whole world marches ahead in the technology front, why should you be laggard?

You are not a full-time member of the management committee in your society. You devote personal time on the weekends or in the evening for managing the things. Hence, it is highly important that you do it efficiently and effectively.

Implementing full-fledged housing society accounting software is a brilliant idea because of two reasons. Firstly, it makes the work easy and fast. Secondly, it brings transparency in the system.

Factors to consider before buying society management software

When you invest in society management software, it is critically important to choose the best one in the market. It is a single-point solution to all the problems. Here are some tips to decide the best one:

  • The number of apartments/housing blocks is the first thing to consider. In fact, it is the highest influencing factor. In small societies or localities, you can manage with small, limited-functionality software. However, for large societies, you need a comprehensive one.
  • User management module should be easy and understandable. When you automate the task of society management, the residents should not feel a need of visiting the society office for small things. They should be able to see their account, manage payments and log complaints.
  • From the technical angle, you should prefer a software module that is lightweight and easy to install. You should not need costly hardware for it. The software should be portable, expandable and flexible. Choose web-based module which you can access from anywhere.
  • Robust user management and security are two critical aspects. Access-based user management and secure transaction processing are the basic needs today. The software should use modern data security protocols.
  • Buy the software from reputed, recognized vendors. There are several software modules in the market, but the housing society software india picked by you should be the best in the niche.
  • Speed matters! You should ask the transaction processing speed before finalizing the product. Users are not required to spend a lot of time in making online transactions. Otherwise, it loses the purpose.
  • The vendor should give updates and enhancements time to time. You should use the latest version always.

Spend sufficient time in research before you crystal down to a suitable society management software.