The Monday Rosary is a Christian meditation on the five Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The Joyful Mysteries focus on the Immaculate Conception, the Incarnation, and the early life of Jesus Christ.

What are the Joyful Mysteries of the Monday Rosary?

Each of the Joyful Mysteries is a passage of scripture from the New Testament. They are:

When did Christians begin meditating on the Life of Jesus?

The practice of meditating on the life, works, death, and resurrection of Our Precious Lord dates back to the Apostles. It is a tradition that has been passed down through the ages.

The custom of using a knotted rope as an aid in Christocentric meditation is first recorded among The Desert…


They all felt it as they watched him step out of the line of prisoners and saw him take the hand of the torturer in his. They watched him bow and press his parched lips against the monster’s pallid flesh.

They saw the Nazi known as The Horror of Auschwitz quickly yank his hand away, recoiling from that brief, chaste kiss.

The tension of that surreal moment reached a fever pitch.

Then he softly spoke, “I am a Catholic priest.”

It was the end of July 1941 when the man of God pointed at the stranger whose life he…

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