4 Things to Include in Instagram Captions for More Engagement

Good captions on Instagram come in all shapes and sizes; they can be as short as a couple words, and as long as 2200 words. From humorous one-liners to in-depth stories, all types of captions, there isn’t a specific criterion for a good caption. However, in terms of marketing, a well-performing caption is the one that adds personality, provides context and inspires more people to engage with the post and follow your account. If you want more people to follow you, another good option is to Buy Real Instagram Followers.

Call to Action

When it comes to driving engagement, including a call to action in your caption is an excellent way. A good relevant CTA can be quite effective in encouraging the audiences to perform the required action. However, not every caption needs to have a CTA, you should include it wherever needed. The simplest example is asking your followers to take an action by clicking on the link in your Instagram bio. Other examples of actions include tagging a friend, answering a question, buying a product, using your branded hashtag and more. Keep in mind that when writing a call to action, action words like Start, Build, Stop, Join, Discover and Learn are very effective at prompting the audience to do something. Moreover, to encourage users to comment on your post, you can turn your CTA into a question using the five W’s (What, Where, When, Why and Who). Often Instagrammers save the call to action for the last, however, it is better to add it in the beginning because Instagram captions are shortened after three to four lines of text. Making sure that the first part of your caption is highly enticing and engaging is very important, considering the huge amount of content that Instagrammers are exposed to. For instance, if you want to bring attention to your new blog post, you should write in the beginning “New Blog Post” so that your followers easily know what you are telling even if they do not read the entire caption. To include a call to action in the caption, you simply need to ask the audience to take the desired action. Different posts require different CTAs. For example, if you are running a contest on Instagram, here you can ask the users to tag their friends in the comments to participate. This is a simple and wonderful way to drive engagement as well as increase brand awareness. Also, you can add the words “Giveaway” or “Contest” at the beginning of the caption to grab audience’s attention.

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Captions that include emojis tend to draw more attention. While you should not include emoji with every other sentence, adding a few throughout the caption is recommended. Adding an emoji in the beginning is likely to catch the eye of the follower, encouraging to read the entire caption. Also, when you integrate a few emojis at the end, your captions become more inviting to your followers. Everyone loves a good emoji! We have seen various famous personalities replacing the whole words with an emoji, and it seems like a good approach.


When you mention the handles of other users on Instagram, you build a strong relationship with them. It is an easy yet very effective way to give back to your Instagram community and spread love. Through mentioning, you will get the opportunity to connect with other users on the network, and they are more likely to promote you to their followers. Hence, whenever you post an image with another brand or person, make sure you also include their handle in your caption, instead of just tagging them in the picture.


Adding hashtags in the captions is not mandatory on Instagram, but it helps in making your post more discoverable. Hashtags can help you gain more followers as well as connect you with relevant users on the network. Also, they make it easier for you to find the content created about you by your followers. When you are adding hashtags to captions, don’t limit yourself to writing them at the end. A better approach is to use them throughout the caption. Since hashtags are a different color on the network, this approach will add dimension to your caption, highlighting the important words and making it simpler to understand the context.

– Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.