Benefits of Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics is a tool that enables you to track your performance and improve future campaigns to reach your social media goals. The platform offers a native tool, known as Instagram Insights, free of cost, but it will require you to convert your personal Instagram account to a business account. With Instagram Insights, you can monitor the number of followers, profile visits, post-saves and the times users used the send message option on your Instagram story. In case you want to know, you can Buy Real Instagram Followers to increase your fanbase. Moreover, if you are running ads on the platform, you can also keep track of how well they are doing, while comparing insights for original version with the promoted post. Here are some other benefits of using the Instagram Analytics.

Know your Audience

The tool breaks down follower demographics according to location, gender, language and age. You can also view your followers’ interests and online purchasing behavior and use this information to modify your content posting strategy. It is possible that people following you on Instagram are different than those on other social networks. Hence, you can figure out what your Instagram followers want to see more from you and promote that content.

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Measure Success

While you can track the engagement numbers, including likes, mentions and comments without any tool, Instagram Insights enables you to view these numbers over periods of time. By comparing different time periods, you can analyze growth and determine the best times to post. You can also view what type of media receives more engagement; what filters get more likes, do textual images get more comments or pictures of people etc.

Monitor Promoted Posts

As mentioned earlier, the analytics tools can also help you determine how well promoted Instagram posts are doing. Are they receiving enough return on investment? You can compare your promoted and organic impressions to have an idea of how successful are Instagram ads in expanding your reach.

Plan Future Campaigns

Furthermore, by using Instagram Insights, you can also obtain information like which hashtags to use more and who are the top influencers in your branding niche. This information can help you with your next social media campaign. Also, the analytics reveal your weak areas so that you can work on them readjust your goals and objectives.

– Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.