Ideas for Highly Engaging Facebook Cover Photos

The cover image is the photo that appears right at the top of your Facebook profile or page. Brand owners can use this space to market their business by including images of services, products, supporters and customers. Remember that your cover photo is most likely the first thing that a visitor notices on your page, which is why you should make it look nice and engaging. This can also result in more followers for your page. Another method to boost followers is to Buy Real Facebook Likes. Here are some tips to help you choose or design a highly effective and attractive cover photo for your Facebook business page.

Sizing and Placement

The Facebook template for cover image is pretty simple and straightforward, with the best image as 1702 x 630 pixels at 72 dpi. This will give you a sharp good quality image. You should use RGB color mode instead of CMYK. Ideally, your cover photo should emphasize more on image than on text, so use simple but engaging graphics. Another important thing is to see how the cover image will interact with your display picture. You must have noticed that the profile picture overlaps the lower left corner of cover photo, so make sure you to not place any text or visual element in that area or it will be obscured.

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Content Ideas

You cover photo says a lot about what your brand is up to, and hence, you can use it to promote your business in various ways:

· Publish a fun fact to attract customers

· Exhibit your awards and achievements

· Introduce the team behind the brand

· Mirror your website design to reinforce your business identity

· Introduce new designs, services and products

· Promote a giveaway to generate responses and interest

Regular Updating

Social media has become one of the initial business to consumer marketing tool; so, do not be shy about using the covers to highlight your services and products. A good practice would be to change the image often to keep attracting new users. An outdated or idle cover image sends a negative message. You can also make the picture pertain to something time-sensitive, such as launch of a new product, announcement of a contest or giveaway. Moreover, if you are a business who is heavily reliant on word of mouth, then you should consider doing monthly or weekly covers, featuring customer reviews or testimonials to ensure audience about the quality of your work. In fact, you can even ask your fans to suggest you unique and interesting ideas for a cover photo.

– Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.