Improve your Tweeting Strategy to Attract more Users

Are you worried about your tweets not receiving enough favorites or retweets? Do you want to engage and attract more people on Twitter with your posts? Here are some minor tweaks that can help you create awesome tweets and drive greater audience engagement.

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Use of Hashtags

Twitter is known for introducing hashtags to the mainstream internet culture. Many users add way too many hashtags expecting to drive more clicks. However, lesser number of tags are known for driving more engagement. If your goal is to have more people to follow your account or visit your website, then you do not want to risk users clicking on the tag instead of the call-to-action. Before you add any hashtags, think about the purpose of your post. If you are trying to reach new audience or boost engagement, go for a couple of relevant tags. But if you are looking to get more clicks from your existing audience, the best idea is to not use any hashtags at all. Also, another way to attract new audience is to Buy Real Twitter Followers.

Keeping it Short

Though many people complain about Twitter’s restriction of tweeting with a maximum of 140 characters, statistics have shown that tweets with less than 140 characters do better than those with 140 characters. According to a research, a Twitter update with less than 100 characters is 17% more likely to receive engagement. Recently, Twitter shared that Promoted Tweets having 40–60 characters result in a much lower cost-per-acquisition as compared to longer tweets.

Adding Images

Rather than a plain textual post, people are more attracted to tweets with images. In fact, studies have shown that Twitter posts with pictures receive 150% more retweets than text-only posts. With Twitter’s update, images now appear uncropped, which means you can experience and display them as they were meant to be viewed. The minimum display size for an image on Twitter is 440 by 220 pixels, whereas the maximum display size is 1024 by 512 pixels. Twitter allows you to add up to four images in a single tweet. In fact, using multiple images in one post is a powerful way to catch user attention and engage followers. You can use a variety of different types of images, such as quotations, tips, blog images or promotional images.

– Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.