Making the Instagram Algorithm Work in your Favor

Often Instagrammers are worried about not getting enough followers and engagement on their content. The reason for this could be their inability to understand how the Instagram newsfeed algorithm works. A good way to get more followers on the platform is to Buy Real Instagram Followers. According to the Instagram’s co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, users miss 70% of the posts in their newsfeed, and the goal of Instagram’s algorithm is to make sure that the 30% that users see is the best possible content.

Know Your Followers

The key to success in an algorithm-based platform is engagement. However, it is important to know that not every follower will find the same content engaging. This means you need to know your specific audience and figure out what resonates with them; notice the types of captions and photos that they find appealing and interact with most. Thanks to Instagram Insights, you can gain some in-depth follower details, including their age, gender and location. Use these details to create audience personas that will help you in making meaningful connections that boost engagement over time. Particularly, location information of your followers can help you determine the best times to share content on Instagram, which will send positive signals to the algorithm and maximize early engagement.

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Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are very important on Instagram as they allow you to connect with existing communities on the platform as well as find new followers to engage with your content. When using hashtags, you should consider the following guidelines:

· Be observant: keep an eye on the tags that your competitors and followers are using and look for the ones you have not used yet.

· Be relevant: Using relevant hashtags helps you to connect with users who are actually interested in your content, instead of people who are only fishing for like-backs

· Be specific: Choosing specific hashtags gives viewers a clear idea about account

While using hashtags appropriately can have a positive impact on the reach of your posts, abusing hashtags can result in the dreaded shadowban, in which your account is partially blocked. Your posts stop appearing in the Instagram Explore page and in the hashtag searches. The best way to avoid getting into a situation like this is to be authentic. Do not use too many hashtags and use only the ones that are relevant to the content.

Go for Instagram pod

Early engagement on a post plays a very vital role in its Instagram algorithm ranking, which is why many Instagrammers team up to provide comments and likes on each other’s posts. Instagram pod is a small group of Instagrammers who have agreed to help promote each other. When a pod member posts an image or video on the platform, they send out an Instagram message to the entire pod group. Then, each member looks at the post, likes it and comments on it.

Share More Videos

From June 2016 to June 2017, the amount of time spent in watching videos on Instagram has increased by 80%. This means this posting videos can be a great way to get followers’ attention and make them spend more time interacting with your content. In addition to this, live videos are an excellent way to interact with the followers in real-time. When you start broadcasting a live video on Instagram, your followers receive a notification alert at the top of their screen. Once done with broadcasting the live video, you can save it to your story on Instagram so that users can see it until the next 24 hours after you wrap things up.

Partner with Influencers

Another very effective way to expose your posts to users who are not your followers is to work with influencers. This can help boost engagement and thus, send important value signals to the platform’s algorithm. Here are three ways to use an influencer relationship to make the algorithm work in your favor.

· The influencer comes up with original content related to your account and posts it on their Instagram account. Although this will not directly boost your specific posts in the algorithm, it is a good way to draw attention and get new followers for your account. This, in turn, creates more algorithm-boosting engagement in long term.

· You can share posts from the influencer on your account, using any hashtags that the influencer is known for and tagging them. This will help draw attention to your posts, improving engagement and increasing the posts’ ranking in the algorithm.

· An Instagram takeover is hosted, where you allow the influencer to take over your account for a specific time, like a day, a week, or whatever works for both parties. The influencer lets their followers know that they will be posting on your account, which sends their followers your way.

– Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.