Promoting your Brand on Facebook

As of July 2017, Facebook has a total of two billion users from all over the world. It can be an excellent platform to promote yourself and develop your brand identity. Facebook features ‘pages’ that can be used to market your company. The users can visit your page, know about your brand and like the page to stay updated. However, in the beginning, it can be quite difficult to get people to like your page, which is why many companies go for buying Facebook likes from sites like SocioHawk. Nonetheless, if your budget does not allow, you can follow these three steps to get more likes on your Facebook page.

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Setting up the Page

When creating a Facebook page, you need to pay special attention to your profile picture, cover photo and page description, as most of the time these are the only thing that users see. The profile picture can be a simple logo, whereas the cover photo should be something that will enhance your page. Many companies put pictures of their team while others make use of fancy artwork or display their tagline. Also, make sure the description is engaging and precisely explains what the purpose of the page as well as encouraging the audience to like the page.

You should try to fill as much information of the page as you can. Include your website URL, links to other social media accounts, phone number, address and hours of operation. Adding these details will increase the chances of your page appearing in the Facebook and Google search when people are looking for similar companies.

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Posting Content

Once the page is set up, you need to post some interesting and engaging content to attract the right audience. Nobody would hit the like button for a page that does not post anything. However, there are certain things to be considered when posting. Your posts should be useful to the audience. If you own a beauty & cosmetics page, your audience will not be interested in knowing the news about vehicles, no matter how important it is. Do not post too many updates as it will clog the newsfeed of your fans. Some good things to post include links to the blog posts, new product announcements, coupon codes for fans, links to articles related to your page niche or an update about any special event happening.

Interacting with the Audience

To get more and more users to visit and like your page, you need to keep engaging interacting with your existing likers. When the likers comment, like or share a post on your page, it can be viewed by their friends as well. A great way to interact is to hold contests, offer promotion apps, ask the users to fill surveys etc. These tools can increase users’ involvement with the brand or business and can help you get more fans. Another tip is to be responsive. Most people who message you on your page will be expecting you to respond within a few hours. Make sure you take a few minutes out and reply to your audience.

- Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.

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