The Top 5 Facebook Trends of 2017

Facebook marketing in 2017 was all about reaching new audiences, gaining new followers and setting themselves apart from other brands. While marketers can Buy Real Facebook Likes to boost their brand, here are some other trends that were used this year for business promotion.

Facebook Live

According to the Global World Index of 2016, 20% of the Facebook users have watched a Live video within the last month. The feature enables the brand to keep the live video as a post on their page, which means even after the live broadcasting ends, the content lives on and help you reach even more people. Hence, incorporating live videos into your marketing strategy can prove to be quite useful, especially if you still haven’t started normal video content. Before you go live, remember, preparation is the key. You need to put together a promotional strategy. To avoid poor lighting and technical issues, set up a space ahead of time and plan for the best camera angles, you can also use a tripod. While broadcasting live, give some time for your fans to trickle in. Monitor the comments, jot down the questions and answer them. Here are some ways you can make use of Facebook Live:

· Introduce a new product

· Host a questions-answer session

· Gather customer feedback

· Conduct a behind-the-scenes tour

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Investing in Paid Advertising

The Content Marketing Survey of 2016 revealed that 61% of the content marketers used promoted posts as a paid advertising method. Also, it was found that promoted posts are 76% effective, while social ads are 74% effective. Facebook’s advertising features are pretty robust and each month, new ones are being added. Recently, GIFs were added to be used within an ad. The GIF automatically plays and loops in the News Feed, grabbing a user’s attention better than static images. You should make use of the retargeting features lie inserting a Facebook pixel onto your website or uploading a customer list.

Establishing a Distinct Brand Voice

A high-quality, unique and interesting content is what will make you stand out in your followers’ feeds. For instance, the Art Institute of Chicago posts interesting historical information about the art pieces that receive a lot of engagement. To establish a distinct brand voice, it is important to:

· Be consistent across all channels: social media, website copy and newsletters

· Reinforce the brand values

· Have a strategy in place by documenting personality traits and vocabulary.

Do not be afraid to add a little fun weirdness to your posts. The important thing is to embrace the personality traits that make up your brand.

Integrations and Customizations

Previously, every Facebook page looked the same; however, with a wide selection of categories and ready-made templates, you can now customize various components of your page. For instance, you can integrate Facebook Shop in a Facebook page, which can lead to more customers buying from you directly through Facebook. The customization depends on the business category that your page belongs to. By visiting your page settings, you can choose a template that fits your needs better. All the same, adding customizations and integrations into your Facebook page can be a great way to help your brand stand out from other businesses.

Messenger Chatbots

A very recent Facebook trend to emerge this year is the use of Messenger chatbots. they are a fun way to interact better with your customers as long as they are executed well. You can use them to do anything from answering basic customer queries to providing entertainment and ordering food. Before you can implement the feature, you need to decide its purpose. Will the bot answer questions about products or will it send blog posts to assist customers or tell fun jokes? It is crucial to test the chatbot thoroughly before you launch it live. However, not every question can be easily answered using a bot, which is why marketers need to keep any eye on any messages that come through.

– Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.