RIP: 140 Characters on Twitter

The social media world is buzzing with the news — 140 characters or less may be no more! Twitter took to its blog last week with the news that a longer character limit was currently being tested.

This new limit is double what you can currently tweet and would mark one of the biggest updates in Twitter history. After all, the challenge of condensing your thoughts into short, snappy updates is what has drawn a lot of users to the platform in the first place.

Twitter claimed that the change is partly inspired by the way that different languages fit into the classic Twitter constraints, using Japanese and English as an example. As Japanese users can convey a lot more per character, it means that a higher percentage of English users run into problems expressing themselves on the platform.

It’s been well documented that Twitter is struggling to grow users and keep current ones engaged, so this move may be a desperate last-ditch attempt to compete with main rivals Facebook and Snapchat, but many influential users have spoken out about the decision.

We’re divided here at SocioLocal. Many of us have faced the struggle of condensing a client’s tweet into the 140 character limit while keeping our copy engaging and coherent, whereas this challenge is something we accept for the aesthetic of Twitter.

For now, we’ll watch this one with interest and wax nostalgic about some of the most best tweets the limit has spurred…