Snapchat Or Instagram For Your Business?

As a business owner today, are you doing it for the ‘gram or snapping your day away?

The debate rages fiercely as the two most visual of the “Big Four” (including Facebook and Twitter) continue to compete to stay relevant in the fickle world of social media.

But which one should your business be on? In order to answer that question, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Who Is My Target Demographic?

First and foremost — who does your business try to reach? This question is something that always needs to be front of mind when approaching social media so the better you know your customers, the more successful you can be.

If you’re a diner with a competitive price point, you may already be gearing your efforts towards teenagers and parents of younger children. A luxury spa will cater to young professional women.

It’s important to be able to describe your customers in a few sentences, as this will help you decide whether Snapchat or Instagram is worth your while. Then consider if this type of person is likely to be found on either platform.

Looking at the age demographics of Irish Snapchat users tells us that businesses looking to target under 24-year-olds need to seriously consider it for their business.

Compared to a broader range of Irish Instagram users, not every business will find their target demographic on Snapchat.

How Committed Can I Be To Sharing Updates?

While Instagram and Snapchat are both highly visual platforms, the approach needs to be very different.

Users on Snapchat tend to post constantly throughout the day, with fun, unpolished content performing much better than over stylised or composed images. If you are a business owner who is involved daily in the business, with an eye for fun and creative content, this could be something you could have a lot of fun with.

Instagram is a much more focused, aesthetically pleasing platform. Many of the top influencers will spend time editing and choose the most beautiful shots to share with followers. Posting more than once a day is a proven way to decrease engagement, as users on this platform prefer to see a curated collection of images from businesses and friends they follow.

Posting 2–3 times per week on Instagram with good attention to detail is the best way to build an engaged following with the right audience.

Is My Staff Willing To Get Involved?

If you have a strong desire to get involved with Snapchat but worry you may not have the time to constantly update it yourself, you can consider turning to the team. If you have young, energetic waiters or managers they may be able to take the reins and keep things vibrant.

Same goes for Instagram. Now that the Stories feature has taken off, and continues to outgrow Snapchat viewership, your staff can be a great source of behind the scenes content. Instagram Stories have some beautiful editing options and allow a slightly more dynamic content type.

Hand taking top view photo of marble countertop. Cooking pot with poached quinces, poached quince with cream, fresh quinces and a cup of coffee on the countertop.

Do I Have A Strong Social Media Following?

The biggest difference between the two platforms? Discoverability. An issue many cite with Snapchat is the way to follow a new user — by searching their exact username within the app. Compare this to Instagram which has an Explore page, suggested accounts, and other features to make discovering relevant accounts easy.

If you boast a strong following across your current social media platforms you can advertise your Snapchat username, but this in itself may not grow hundreds of followers overnight. You need to consider the time and energy you will put into growing that fanbase.

Instagram also allows advertising, using the same Ads Manager as Facebook. This means putting a little bit of spend behind a new account can grow your following with minimal effort!

And there you have it. Asking yourself these questions should help guide you in a decision on which platform to use. For most businesses, Instagram is a fun way to engage with new customers and grow a loyal following. For the more daring and committed user, Snapchat can be an interesting challenge to target a younger demographic.

If you want to take your current social media game to the next level, or simply just get a presence online, our experts can guide you. Arrange an intro call today and see how Socio Local can help grow your business online and increase bookings!