Socio Spoonful — December ‘18

The decorations will come down, customers will be feeling the pinch. So, what can restaurants do to keep sales up in January?

Below are some suggestions, some you will have seen before but some may give you an opportunity to try something new and fun on digital!

1.Voucher Sales

We all know the surge of gift voucher sales in December, but how can you try and get some of these customers through your door during the first 6 weeks of the year?

Sell a special Early 2019 Gift Voucher with a 10% discount but the voucher needs to be used during January to March.

2. Special Deals and Prices

Offers work well, we do them every year and when thought out and planned properly they do work. The key, however, is to announce the special offer early enough and capitalise on the new people walking through your door in January. We have lots of ideas and have run many campaigns before so do contact your Community Manager to discuss.

3. Hold a Seasonal Event or Offer Entertainment

Customers may not go out for lunch or dinner as much in January but some will always pay for special experiences. Ask one of your food producers, beverage or wine suppliers to collaborate on a special dinner or menu that will perhaps run for a week in late January. Bring in a special ingredient for a week perhaps. Talk to your Community Manager this week to get this going.

4. Special Winter Menu

Design a menu catered for this cold and wet weather. Warm hearty dishes and soups to entice people in the colder weather. Some of these dishes can also cost less.

5. Offer Takeout

Maybe it’s not what you usually do, but with people more inclined to stay in, offering takeout of a few suitable dishes for the months of January and February could be a good idea.

5. Get Creative…and we can help!

We have seen a number of great ideas and campaigns over the last few years and these may get you thinking. What about the TRY JANUARY CAMPAIGN started by the BeOne Bar Group in London to tackle the Dry January campaign. Try January inticed people to try new and exciting drinks and wines in January but the possibilities are endless.

How about giving away vouchers to all diners who come to your business in January… For example, “if you dine with us in January we will treat you with a 10€/£ gift voucher for your next visit”. (Just make sure the voucher correctly corresponds value wise with your business model. Or….


“To celebrate 2019 we are giving away 19 burgers each week in February. Pop in in January and be in a chance to collect a voucher “

It can be fun, it can be creative or it can be a simple deal. Either way, we are here to help and ready to go!

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