The Pop Up — Why are we opening a 10 day pop up Restaurant?

We are digital marketing specialists and we only operate in the restaurant industry and we wanted to know exactly how many bookings we could drive in a 6 week period using just digital marketing which are the services we provide to restaurants, Why? Good question…

Over the years of working closely with our partners in the industry there has always been the age old question, what impact does digital marketing have on a restaurant ranging from social media, email marketing to reputation.

We know how powerful digital marketing is and have built technology to start closing the loop to track exactly what impact it has for our partners, but we wanted more and what better way to truly understand the impact of what we do than opening our own restaurant.

We partnered with Shaka Poké Dublin to open Shaka Pop Up from the 12th Nov to the 22nd at Lock 6 Cafe in Dublin. That’s right a primarily cold food restaurant at the end of Autumn outside of the city centre…some may say isn’t a good idea especially when it’s 50% outside seating. So we didn’t exactly make it an easy task.

The starting point — no Facebook page, no Instagram page, no website, no email list, no venue. So basically we had to start everything from scratch!

We gave ourselves a 6 week period to launch everything from scratch and grow our pages, build an audience and to drive as much bookings in advance as we could. The results up until the opening date were astounding.

Here is a small snippet of results over the first 6 weeks. On Facebook alone our posts reached 204,000 people and we engaged 3,961 people through Facebook, Using strategic digital methods we were able to grow our email subscriber list to 319 before we even opened. We activated bookings on the 16th of October launching an email campaign which coincided with targeted advertising on social media.

A day before opening using just digital marketing we had over 400 covers pre booked for our 10 day pop up…not too bad right.

We will be sharing more details and results on the Shaka Pop Up story over the coming weeks so stay tuned as things got even more interesting when we opened the doors.