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It’s never easy raising money but it’s especially hard if you fall into the category of AdTech, why? Let’s hear some seasoned founders speaking at this years Cannes Lions festival discuss the common themes and challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them.

This panel was hosted by Beeswax at the @uandmrjones Pavilion and aptly named “Not Dead Yet 😵: Recently-funded AdTech companies buck the trend”.

1. AdTech is not an easy language to understand

CPM, DSP, CTR, errr what?! 🤯All common terminology in the AdTech universe but takes quite some getting your head around if you’re not familiar with the domain. If you’re in the early stage look to get established AdTech CEO’s onboard as angels as this can help avoid getting stumped out of the gate and build validation for more traditional VCs when you’re ready. …

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Image sourced from Digiday

There’s a major problem facing communities everywhere — local news is losing the competition for advertisers to the duopoly (facebook and Google). These two firms account for around 70% of all digital ad spending globally, which has forced closures and cutbacks and severely threatened the future of journalism.

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It’s important to highlight that facebook and Google became the giants they are today not by servicing the fortune 500 companies to win industry awards with Madmen agencies but by turning their humble users into marketers by providing simple, transparent, self service ad tools. …

In this issue we see some big buys from brands doubling down on AdTech inhouse, we highlight a key insight into the balance between branding and performance marketing and take a look at how native is becoming used as a vehicle to amplify social campaigns to media.

1. 📊Walmart acquires ad-tech startup Polymorph to capture more brand dollars💲

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Brands will be able to target audience segments based on shopping behavior, serving ads and tracking the results through a self-serve automated platform to take advantage of header bidding and real-time auctions. …

In this issue, we are very excited to share with you our new event series, Under Your Nose. The first edition kicked off in Oslo, and was a great success, with 100 of brands and agencies folks attending!
And as usual, we are sharing the interesting readings of the past two weeks!

1. 🚀Under Your Nose 1 — Oslo edition 👃

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U-Y-N is an event series to highlight martech and adtech solutions being built in your city. Why send all your hard earned money abroad to Google and Facebook?

The tech firms who participated in the first edition were Cavai® (chat creation, chatbots), (social creation, influencer marketing), Pressworks (article creation, content marketing), Vev (website creation, website creation), Vibbio (video creation) and Socius (ad creation, adtech automation). …

This issue brings up the rise of native ads, the recap of the Digiday’s Moguls and Publishing Summit events, and new guidelines for publisher.

1. 👎Consumers don’t find banner ads relevant and are decluttering online, Adobe report finds 📉

Some key takeaways from the Adobe’s 2019 Summit Ad Report: (1) relevance of banner ads: 74% of marketers believe they are relevant to their target audience, while only 14% of consumers agree. But in general, 46% of consumers believe the ads they now see are more relevant than ads from two years ago. …

This issue brings up Google’s switch to first price inventory, the native advertising sector growth, legal action about fake followers and GDPR success. And International Women’s Day hasn’t been forgotten: discover the significant women in native advertising.

1. 👉Google switches to first-price auction 🌟

Google said it will simplify programmatic: (1) all programmatic buyers will compete in the same unified auction, alongside inventory which is directly negotiated with advertisers. …

This issue brings up new effective metrics, emergence of a new blockchain-based ad optimization and a complete study for Facebook marketing this year.

1. 👉Facebook Marketing in 2019: A Study of 777M Facebook Posts 📝

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The key takeaways from this study are that (1) 93.7 percent of businesses use and are currently active on Facebook, (2) video performs better than all other types of Facebook posts; on average, at least 59% more engagement than other post types, (3) inspirational, funny, or practical content generates the most engagement on Facebook.

Read more on Buffer

2. 📈How should digital ad effectiveness be measured? …

This issue brings up two new innovative metrics to help measure the success of influencer marketing efforts and an opinion piece on whether the Facebook Google duopoly is bad for small businesses.

1.👍Buzzoole creates influencer marketing benchmark to help the industry with measurement and metrics 📊

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Buzzoole created two innovative new metrics: True reach and Ad recall, to measure the success of influencer marketing actions.

This week’s High Five Fridays features an infographic on the growing trend of local digital advertising in the US and marketers’ priority on using location-based targeting. And a shout out to Newspack, a news publishing platform backed by Google’s Google News Initiative.

  1. [Infographic] Local digital ad spend expected to sour 📈
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An infographic by InvespCro giving insights into the state of local digital ad spending in the US, which is estimated to grow from 60.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 to 71.3 billion in 2022. This is quite significant and the fact that nearly 40% US marketers increased their digital ad spending in 2018. …

Woot woot 2019! New year, new challenges, new opportunities. We at Socius are excited to see what this year will bring us and we wish you a great one ahead! And here it is, first 5 High Five Friday goodies of the year.

1. Wix launches Ascend CRM tool suite for SMBs 🚀

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Source: PC Mag

Website builder Wix has introduced Ascend, a number of tools that help small to midsize businesses with website tasks like invoicing, email management, and online chat. …



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