DMEXCO 2017 Day 2— Europe’s biggest media and advertising conference in 10 more Tweets.

#1 — “Don’t chase ROI, chase connection” — we love this shift in thinking (although we aim to deliver both).

#2 — We loved the startup challenge at DMEXCO. This arena-style format rocks!

#3 — Excellent presentation about GDPR. We can’t recommend the linked article enough: short, clear, to the point.

#4 — Something to read on the plane back from Cologne: the State of Innovation report from The Unilever Foundry. For the first time we are genuinely excited about a flight!

#5 — Arguably one of the best panels at DMEXCO featuring the best and brightest of the agency world.

#6 — Are the ad blocking fears a thing of the past? They might be…

#7 — A great example of a technology which might transform the industry, but it’s just not ready yet. See you in 2018!

#8 — One thing we love about DMEXCO is the number of bright, powerful, incredible women on stage.

#9 — Sir Martin, we couldn’t have said it better.

#10 — We are also thrilled to be at DMEXCO this year. Thank you Cologne, it was a blast! See you next time.

Thanks for reading! And if you missed our Day 1 post you can get to it on the link below featuring @philippsteuer @dentsuaegis @nickstringer @andrewbusby @IABEurope @lenapetersen and Laura Sophie Dornheim:

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