Do you want to have a succesfull and profitable business? Do you want it right now?
To sell and earn and then sell again?

To work maximally effectively and bring results you have always dreamt off?

..But your problem is, none of your employes work quick enought, creative enought,good enought.. in brief, as you would be?

Well, do not waste your time and do not continue reading right now. This is not for you. If you only have the intention of just selling and taking profits from it, if you consider your employes just as an expensive item of your costs this won´t be your cup of coffee.

Of course, it´s great to have a succesfull business with making plenty of money but what I´am trying to say is, that if you don´t want to bring some value to your business or some sort of message you want to share with others it´s just lifeless rushing for success.
And most of all, what a great success to get your goals not as a sprinter, but with people who work for you and with you, with your team.
Here is needed to say, it´s not easy to build that team. It takes great leadership, not afraiding to course correct, making difficult decisions and ability to act with humility but authority.

Let´s take a look what smarts leaders need to know:
1.Know your team. If you want to lead your team effectively first of all you need to know your colleagues. You want to put their skills together, personalities together and bring common goals, so build a relationships with each, know their interests, dreams, life attitudes.
Be interested in.

2.“Let a man practice the proffesion which he knows the best“. As a few years ago Cicero said, you as a team-leader should know the individual strenths each of your teamworker.
Put each person in place they can shine.

3. Easy transparency. Your primary job is to help members of your team understand each other better.. Sometimes it´s lot like a family. You need to let them work things out on their own but when it goes wrong, bring together those who are not getting along and make them work througt their concern.
Don´t let them put you in the middle of ´she said/ he said´ situation.

4. Rules declaration. Everyone´s work style is different. Your team need to know how you like to operate. It´s often based on type of work you do, but if you prefer ´don´t bring me a problem without a solution´ your team should know about it.
Don´t be interested in why we can´t do it, focus on how we can.

5. There´s no stupid idea. Consider each employee´s idea valuable. Encourage them to feel free and worthful for you and your time. Emphasize importance of sharing informations and ideas with you and others members of your team.
To evaluate good idea is privilege of a smart team leader.

6.Consensus. Make sure and then once again that each member of your team knows what you expect from them. Be clear about your tasks and expectations. Set objective, solve problems and plan for action. Be careful about it cause it provide you great productivity.
Confused employee is always uneffective employee.
7.Teambuilding sessions. Be sensitive to the frustrations. It can quietly grow and became greater when the team is not achieving consensus. Work with your team, solve the problems, guide their thinking and relationships. Be aware of false consensus, if an agreement is gain too quickly be careful about discovering real feelings about the proposed solution.
Be a good psychologist is a treasure.

Well, one last thing. If you want your team to follow you, respect you and work with you to fulfill your goals remember:
Don´t want your team to be your clones, don´t expect to bring ´your´solutions, do it exactly like you would do. Respect them, take their individuality and ideas. Be their leader not just because you´re the boss but because you´re the character worth it.
And don´t forget:

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