Three Ways Sanofi Pasteur Encourages Collaboration
Jacob Morgan

Jacob, this is a great use case and really conveys the benefits of creating a collaborative culture, many thanks indeed for sharing. We completely concur with you on how to build a stong connection culture and would add purpose and productivity to the mix:

  1. Purpose; ensure that the team understands, is committed to and is passionate about the core purpose of the company
  2. Performance; devolve from command and control by focusing on desired outcomes, rather than limiting people to specific activities and tasks. Encourage innovation and experimentation.
  3. People; encourage a culture of cooperation (talent amplification) and knowledge flow. Help individuals get to know their colleagues, learn about their passions and skill-sets and understand how they can assist. Build culture and connection
  4. Productivity; apply lean principles (lean collaboration) to the way people work and reduce waste (too many emails and update meetings) by removing cumbersome processes, procedures and reporting
  5. Platform; deploy and embed technology that not only supports communication but also promotes new behaviors that result in more spontaneous engagement and connectedness
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