5 Reasons Why I go to Lunch with My Mother Every Week and You Should Too
David Lux

My eyeballs are effin’ sweaty as I read this and here’s why: 1. I happen to know the author of this piece and love him dearly. 2. In the single conversation I was blessed to have with the woman who inspired this writing, I fell madly in love with her too. 3. I’m the proud daughter of a badass mama. Though we don’t live as close as these two, we talk a lot. Like ALOT a lot. Her number rarely falls below 2 on my iPhone Recent Calls list. Her emoji game is strong. She’s rad. 4. I’m currently in the carpool line about to pick up my 2 boys and if the day ever arises that they honor me with an article even half as beautiful as this one, I will have achieved tremendous success.

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