As 2018 goes away and the bright new year kicks in, I just took some holiday time to reflect on my personal experiences that helped me to holistically develop myself.

2018 started with a challenge. It was the year that we launched our first ever software company, our Quintessential. The high demand on the market for state-of-the-art software products, the flowing talent among us and the passion to start something form 0 to one led us in founding a unique brand which now counts 15 talented humans who work for it.

That journey till now is not only risky, challenging…

Hello there, people!

Since Figma opened the doors for the launch of broader Figma communities in different cities, in Quintessential we are extremely excited and really focused on doing everything possible to bring that in Athens.

But first, and if you want to know more on why we love Figma, take a look on the reason why.

To get to know us, in Quintessential, we aim to deliver state-of-the-art software products for third-party stakeholders or in-house use. We chase perfection in business and commercial software and we really believe that throughout our development methods we can elevate the way software…

Figma (left) help us, elevate productivity inside Quintessential (right).

It is common knowledge that in the last few years, there have been made huge steps in helping all the designers across the world elevate their work with the use of great design tools for any kind of design project. Tools like AdobeXD, Sketchapp, InVision, Framer, Figma and more are here to help anyone in the Design business deliver great outcome. Let me write down some things about my personal experience regarding the design process inside our recently founded software company.

I started creating my first ever designs on Photoshop. No, I am actually not ashamed for this. …

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Using the Metro’s vending machines to buy a ticket, every time you need one, is always a non satisfying situation you get to experience. Well, it is more than a non-satisfying situation. It is a frustrating experience for reasons. Many reasons. In this article we will try to address some of the basic UI and UX problems that these machines carry with them.

Let’s define the problems out there.

Audio assistant, long queues, slow software, too much information all over the place.

Audio assistant.

For some reason, and probably not for the sake of a previously successful performed user & accessibility testing all of the ticket vending machines…

Years have passed from our very first start and engagement with technology and entrepreneurship. The journey is wonderful, challenging and as everything, it has it’s ups and downs. As we know, dreams and lifetime decisions are always being shaped by moments of struggle and infinite devotion in solving real, big problems out there. Different people, experts on critical fields in the Tech and Business Industry, fuelled by passion and armed with experience, skill and devotion, join forces officially to strive for one, common goal. …

Socrates Charisis

Co-Founder Quintessential

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