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A Review of “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis

(a review of the audiobook)

This story was so good, and the prose was so beautiful, the very definition of heartbreaking literature… and Grover Gardner delivers a stellar performance on top of all that. This is a tale of epic scope and he tells it with subtle brilliance.

There are certainly parallels to Trump, especially early on with all the disdain for intellectuals and later how the Minute Men are composed mostly of angry, rural youths, but this story gets much darker. It really helps elucidate where lines in the sand need to be drawn. One can easily see that Lewis is writing about his own time but its almost unbelievable how relevant many of his comments still sound today.

Every American should listen to/read this book, if only to see how easily manipulated public opinion is, and how easily the world can become a dark place if we don’t all stick up for Truth and Justice.

To quote a line Doremus thinks to himself near the end…
“He was afraid that the world struggle today was not of communism against fascism but of tolerance against the bigotry that was preached equally by communism and fascism…” The same should be said for opposing political viewpoints today.