I’ve heard the phrase, “beauty is pain” many times. I never truly understood what it meant but I am reminded every time when I get my eyebrows threaded. For me, it’s the only way to shape those babies. To start, I had a not-so-fun experience long ago when I was in high school where a woman waxed my eyebrows and there was no shape, she didn’t ask me how I wanted them, I trusted her judgment which overall was a bad experience and it scarred me and since then I have not had my brows waxed. Other than waxing, I used to tweeze my own brows and when I first started out, I used to make them thin, it was all I knew/was taught especially to make an arch because I do not naturally have a nice arch. Then, a few months ago I decided to grow my eyebrows out due to the fact I was tired of having thin brows and I enjoyed thick arched brows (non colored). My goal was to grow them out as long and full as possible that way I can start fresh so I can have the brows I want. Furthermore, since I started getting my eyebrows threaded, I have been to 4–5 different people and honestly each time I was atisified and kept thinking the job was done better than the last time and it really was. But today, was the best! No doubt. She asked me how I wanted them and I told her my eyebrows are thin and light colored so I like to keep them as thick as possible and she did just that. She took her time and simply did great work. Overall, I enjoy getting my eyebrows threaded even though it hurst so much (I think it’s because I have extra sensitive skin there) but the past times I’ve threaded it has been so painful, and I mean painful o the extent and I am taking deep breaths, my eyes water sometimes, my body starts getting hot and I just can’t not get my brows threaded because it’s so much better than doing them myself or waxed. Next, I am going to come 2 weeks out (what my threader recommended) because my hairs will be shorter and less painful in the brow area (she says). So, let’s find out in 2 weeks. BEAUTY IS PAIN BUT ONLY WHEN YOU GET YOUR EYEBROWS THREADED AND ILL TAKE IT.


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