The Tor of Money
James Hudon

Let’s not forget that those credit card transactions practically include a blood sample, fingerprint, and DNA profile (within the transaction data) in an ‘attempt’ to prevent fraud. Additionally, a $0.69 pack of gum would probably only cost $0.66 if the price were not increased by the seller to mitigate the fees charged by the credit card (CC) network. The cost of fees increase proportional to $ amount spent in CC network as well. I am feeling the pain of higher fees in the BTC space right now, but the community will fix this problem. There is no incentive for traditional payment networks to ‘fix’ or change the fees in any way other than, ‘more in their favor’.

Good article! And I share your respect and gratitude for Andreas’ work! Join me, and become a Patreon member if you have not already done so!

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