I’d like to get on board with this, but the whole condescending tone of, “Designers are all selfish…
Shaun Smylski

Hi Shaun,

Thank you for the feedback. I don’t intend this as a critique meant to generalize, condescend, and insult designers as individuals or even as a whole. Rather, I wanted to make an attempt to honestly examine underlying systemic issues that cause this phenomenon that every designer I know has run into at some point and perhaps been complicit in (I’m not exempt). I see it as a criticism that has less to do with our individual character flaws or attitudes as people/collaborators and more with the values that have happened to wind their way into the industry’s culture up to this point. I’m not calling us all pricks, but I just want to acknowledge something I see a lot of since recognition and awareness are the first steps towards changing with intention for the better. Thanks again!

P.S. because images often serve to break up the more serious content structurally, I enjoy using humor in captions to create similar breaks in tone. The undertones aren’t meant to be angry, but instead more in line with the suggestion in this article linked by Benjamin Brink that we stop taking things so seriously and just laugh more. (Unfortunately, that article does directly imply that a lot of designers are dickheads).

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