Creating A Creative Community

I love music. I love listening to it, I love writing it, I love learning about it, I love watching it, everything. When I have spare time, chances are I will be doing something music related. So it isn’t hard to imagine that music is at the forefront of my conscious thought, right? Having it take priority over most other things in my mind has resulted in me realising that there is an issue with the current local music culture that no one seems to be working to rectify. Starting out as a musician/in a band is an initial hurdle in the long and fruitful journey that is writing music, a hurdle that as it currently stands is far too difficult for something that I feel should be something that everyone on this earth should take part in at some stage in their lives (creating culture). A lot of people are deterred from the idea of writing music by this initial challenge, and understandably so. Attempting to find out what sort of instruments you need, what type of amplifier you should use, how the recording process works, where to hire a photographer or producer (just to name a few problems) usually proves to be either difficult, frustrating, confusing or a combination of the three hence the difficulty in starting out as a band. I want to create a solution to the problem that is starting out as a musician.

My idea is as follows.

An app, across all operating systems and devices, that does exactly what a musician starting out needs. This is a list of some of the features this app would have:

· An online forum, similar to Gumtree or Craigslist, mostly for communication between musicians. This may be for asking advice, offering advice, finding band members, finding a photographer, finding a venue to play at/finding a band to play at your venue, basically for whatever purpose the user sees fit

· A service similar to Bandsintown, one that notifies the user of local concerts in their area. In my experience I have found Bandsintown to be ineffective and basically useless, not to mention totally pointless for small bands as they seem to not show up half of the times I have attempted to use the service

· An instant messaging service that allows musicians to communicate with one another directly within the app

· A ‘News’ service, which will essentially compile any articles related to local bands or shows into one easy to access feed

· Profiles for bands, with links to their Facebook/Spotify/Bandcamp/YouTube etc

These are not the only features that would be included in the app, but they are the ones that I feel best encapsulate what I envision the app to be.

I think that a part of the problem with beginner musicians is that there is a total lack of a sense of community amongst them. This app will hopefully change that. Regardless of what genre or style of music they listen to or write themselves, they are all in it for the same thing. Creativity. It is through the desire to create that this app will hopefully create a strong sense of community between musicians, to the point of eliminating the learning curve/hurdle that every musician has to face starting out. I envision a community where each individual is in it for creativity and culture, where each person helps out whoever they can, not because they want something in return but simply because they want to. This will hopefully extend out to include non-musicians/artists/photographers, and have venue owners or similar people become active members within the app and community. Ideally I am imagining this app getting to the point where the main aspect of it (the forums) will be filled with daily posts such as ‘WANTED: DRUMMER IN PENRITH AREA’, ‘LOOKING FOR: VOCALIST IN UPPER MOUNTAINS’, ‘FREE PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS’, ‘FREE PROG METAL SHOW NEWTOWN’, etc. A back and forth of creativity and generosity, where everybody benefits from everybody else. People will see this and hear about this and develop a desire to be a part of this community by offering their services or even just being helpful or offering advice. A user’s profile will have an upvote system, where other users can give a thumbs up to the person helping them. This will slowly develop into there being a desire to have more upvotes, thus offering more of your services or help. The idea is to basically trade services between the members of the group, the more you offer the more upvotes you get and the more people can see that you are a valued member of the community.

Mexican metal outfit Kallidad, a small local band. Photo taken by Hayden Nixon, also a local photographer on the rise. A perfect example of the back and forth I am imagining between up-and-comers.

This whole concept comes down to embracing creativity, something that I think today’s society is lacking. With the increased consumption of media (video games, TV, etc), I believe that the youth of today is slowly losing interest in the concept of being creative and becoming more willing to just consume and exist. This is a terrible and damaging path for society to take, as without creativity we would become complacent and satisfied with the mundane. The will to explore or experience new things would be lost, and ‘life’ would become simply ‘existence’. Being creative is something that I think should be at the core of everyone’s priorities and interests, as it is through creativity that one can express themselves and truly begin to understand who they are.

Kallidad performing live, shot by Hayden Nixon

I know that this idea may be slightly ambitious, but I also know that legions of people would benefit from a service like this if it existed. I hope to one day see this concept come to life, as I would love to be a part of a community as giving and accepting as the one I imagine.

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