I don’t know what to write and how to write. Actually i did not plan anything like this. I was just bored and was surfing the net and downloaded this app. Actually i am interesting in writting this beacause i think i need to express my toughts and ideas. I am not that much good in English yet i will try my level best to express my inner toughts and emotions.

Actually i think i am “matured”. “Matured” in the sense that i can understand things and inner feelings. Before i write further, i must tell my details and describe my backgroud. Actually i’m from the country called Bangladesh. It is a conservative country. Conservative beacause people here are not open in sharing and expressing their feelings and emoions. They don’t do things at their own will. They are bounded by many social and religious conditions. I am now 25 years old. I will complete my graduation this year, major in Marketing. I have always been an apple child of my family. I was reatless, was out of any bound yet shy, inncoent and kind of introvert But i used to and still get easily mix up with people. I like people’s company. I will tell more details about my personal life later.

The main things i want to focus in my writting is My Read and Judgement on people, situation and cases. I think i am very good at it. People like my company and love to hear what i say. Specially i can solve many personal problems, can motivate people alot and can present facts and statistics boldly and in a way that people easily understand my points. I can also make a point and can prove it logically. Atleast people get convinced.

At this stage of life i think i have not done any thing big or significant. I am just a regular guy. I am always frustrated for being a regular and average guy. I feel frustrated and disturbed because i think i have not made myself ready to fight for survival. But i always hear and feel that every individual has got “Something” unique. Something can be a skill, a power, a talent. So at this phase of life i was looking for the thing that is unique in me. I know this too late to find something unique in me. But i am and have been always a positive and optimistic person. So when i kept looking the speciality in me and found that my reading and judgement skill is unique. It is not certified or offically recognised by any institution. But i am mentioning this beacause people say so. People love to listen and talk to me personally. Some people say that my suggestions and motivation have removed their problmes, have helped them to reconcile or helped them to take impront decisons of their life.

I will write furthermore if i see that i am getting support and interest from readers. Cause this is not what i planned or what i am. Maybe this is my first ever writting apart from any academic writtings. But i will be pleased and happy to write and tell my story and ideas. I tried to sign up my account as the username “Bird’s Eye”. Cause i think my mind and toughts are like a bird flying above and observing the things happening beneath. Hence, i think i can present myself as a myesterious bird. By the way Eagle is my favorite bird!!


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