Get to Know SOEHS’s Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors proudly represent the School of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Kansas. They are current students who are ready to welcome and lead future Jayhawks to have a college experience full of social and academic success. They’re actively involved in on-campus clubs, organizations, activities and know the ins-and-outs of being a Jayhawk. Get to know our student ambassadors!

Javen Betts, secondary education

Javen is from Kansas City, Kansas, studying secondary education. His long-term career goal is to become an urban school district superintendent. Javen is involved in the Black Student Union, Hawk Link, KU’s Council of Social Studies Educators, and the Multicultural Scholars Program. His favorite thing about KU is the fun supportive, passionate Jayhawk community and sports games.

Kaitlyn Moore, junior, secondary English education

Kaitlyn Moore graduated from a small school in Lyndon, Kansas. Kaitlyn is a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Secondary English education and minoring in psychology. Kaitlyn’s goal is to teach high schoolers English and be involved in the education system. When not working as an ambassador or participating in class, Kaitlyn loves to read, go on dog walks with Gryphon, and make memories with friends and family.

Lauren Morris, History and Secondary Education of History and Government

Lauren is from Overland Park, Kansas. She is currently a double major in History and Secondary Education of History and Government. She is involved in a service sorority here at KU. Her favorite thing about the University of Kansas is the friendly atmosphere and all of the fun things there are to do on campus.

Grace Mosier, graduate student, counseling psychology and unified early childhood education

Mosier is a Graduate Student in the Counseling Psychology program and received her bachelor’s degree in Unified Early Childhood Education. She is passionate about social justice, loves yoga, and spends as much of her time outside as possible! Mosier hopes to become a registered play therapist after completing her master’s program.

Alden Pennington, community health

Alden is from Vail, Colorado, studying Community Health on the Pre-Occupational Therapy track, with a minor in Psychology. She is involved with the Pre-OT club here at KU. Her favorite thing about KU is the school spirit and camaraderie that it fosters, as well as all the activities that are offered throughout the year.

Lauren Riedstra, elementary education

Lauren is from Chicago, Illinois, studying Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish. She is involved in Student Union Activities and a service sorority here at KU. Her favorite things about KU are all the activities and events offered on campus, especially the welcoming campus community.

Learn more about our student ambassadors and the KU School of Education & Human Sciences here.



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