The Sony Xperia Z5, (Review)

There are thousands of reviews out there for this smartphone, which is why I’m going to go about this review in an unusual way. I’ll be taking a personal approach rather than a technical one. I assume you know the specs for this model? if you don’t, google will be happy to provide for you.

The Body

The Sony Xperia Z5 has a a great body, the frame of the unit is fantastic and the design which looks somewhat basic at a glance is really quite beautiful when you look closely. It’s definitely a nice piece of kit to look at. It is still a very square phone as every model of the Xperia’s before it have been, there are however curves to be found when you look closely.

The volume and camera shutter buttons are well placed and have a satisfying click when you press them. The power button/fingerprint recognition sensor is also well placed, along with the camera and combined sim/memory card bay. It feels very solid in your hand, something I’ve not been able to experience with any of the Samsung models, it has a good weight to it giving you a more secure feeling when you’re holding it as the weight allows you to grip it firmly without feeling like you’re going to bend or break it!

The location of the USB port is in the right place, on the bottom of the phone! Along with the somewhat useless lanyard harness point. I can’t say I’ve ever used this feature on any mobile phone I’ve owned, let me know if you have.

The Camera

The 23 mega-pixel camera on this phone is a beast considering the lens is less than a centimetre in diameter. To put it simply, I don’t think there’s a smartphone out there that tops it. A colleague of mine has the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ which too has a fantastic camera however I found the colours on the Z5 to seem slightly more true to life.

The Autofocus is far too quick, I often think it’s not doing it’s job properly as I imagine this process being one that is the most important when it comes to photography and almost enjoy the sound of the focus adjusting itself to perfect every shot. With this you don’t even know it’s had to focus apart from the beep it emits once it’s done. I will be taking far more photos than I used to with my old Xperia Z1 simply because the speed of the phone and camera app start-up was a lot slower. The Xperia Z5 camera launch takes no time at all and with the autofocus being as quick as it is I found myself being able to catch shots of which speed was of the essence.

It can shoot 4K video at 29fps and full 1080p video at 60fps. It can take timeshift photos giving you the ability to go back a second before you took the photo incase you missed the best pose/angle along with timeshift videos which allows you to select sections of your video and slow it down, yes, just like iPhones can!….

The Screen

The five point two inch IPS LCD screen on the Sony Xperia Z5 is as you would expect. Very clear and very bright. The colours are vivid and the size of it is just right for reading blog posts or scrolling Facebook (yay..). It has great pixel density but is not a market leader in this department, though I doubt you’d see the difference in the competition. I enjoy looking at the phone and with the LUX™ app I can even have the brightness adjust each time I unlock the phone, meaning if I’m in bed in a dark room the app dims the screen down to a level lower than the stock android OS can whilst keeping the display easy to read/view.

The Performance

Inside the Xperia Z5 is a 64-bit Octa-Core processor; the Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810. This combined with the 3GB of RAM gives it the speed it needs to do everything you want at a moments notice. I’m able to open a fresh session of Facebook with no waiting time, all apps load instantly and don’t seem to affect the overall performance at all.

There’s 32GB of internal memory as standard which is great, this gives you enough space to have plenty of data on your phone for faster browsing and loading, the expandable memory slot caters for microSD cards of up to 200GB, no that’s not a typo!

I’m very happy indeed with this handset. The two must-have’s I bough for it are an Olixar™ tempered glass screen protector and a FlexiShield™ Ultra Thin Clear Gel Case which adds barely and extra size to the phone whilst providing protection from drops and dust all whilst showcasing the phones great design.

The Sound

The audio playback from the internal speakers is also something to note. I don’t believe Sony put any special thought into the speakers for the Xperia Z5, they are however brilliant. Very clear and crisp, they even handle bass pretty well for being so small (obviously don’t expect to hear any deep base lines though..) The headphone jack is situated on the left hand side at the top of the phone. It’s water and dust proof up to

My Verdict

Upgrade to the Xperia Z5 without a second thought. You won’t be disappointed! It also has QuickCharge 2.0 which is the latest and fastest wireless charging standard.

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