Since the dawn of manufacturing, there’s been a hard limitation on how we develop products. This applies to traditional manufacturing as well as to software development, which is the focus here. The conventional wisdom is that either quality, time-to-market, or cost has to be compromised. Or as the saying goes: “Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two.”

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This truism is rooted in a pre-AI (Artificial Intelligence) world. The power of AI changes the rules of the game.

For example, at Salesforce Customer Success is one of our most important values. That implies that we will not compromise on quality or time-to-market. The challenge is: how can we make it efficient (cheap) to deliver high-quality (good) products at an industry-leading pace (fast)?
One of the most time consuming and expensive aspects of a software project is User Interface (UI) development. While today we have programmatic and declarative solutions for developing UIs, both approaches fall short when it comes to truly changing the rules of the game. It still takes significant time and substantial resources to build good user interfaces. UI development still eats up a significant portion of the product development lifecycle. …

Scaling a design across all form factors and platforms has become the new challenge in the software industry. From watch to phone to tablet to desktop, teams must also consider iOS, Android, Win8 and HTML5 implementations. Opinions on native vs. HTML5 aside, most companies use a mix of both to balance the best user experience with time to market and reusability cross-platform.

So, how the heck do you apply the same design principles to a heterogeneous environment like this? …

If you use a terminal frequently it’s worth trying to make that very experience the best possible to be productive.

On OSX you have the Terminal application which by default uses the bash shell. If you are using Git and want a custom bash prompt, the setup is quite cumbersome. I actually blogged about one solution back in 2009. Doing this setup whenever you get a new computer or update the OS turns out to be quite a pain in the ass.

About a year ago I noticed that more and more people switch to iTerm2 and also switch to another shell called Zsh in combination with Oh my ZSH. …


Sönke Rohde

VP UX R&D at Salesforce. Plays the guitar, chess and likes to run.

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