The Discipline of Inspiration for Montessori Teachers
Zoe Paul

Hi zoe, this is so truthful and i relate with this alot. My own story is somewhat similar and i have had to modify Montessori in many ways to work for the children. I initially felt guilty doing this but the more i read Montessori’s literature, the more i understand that she never intended for her method to be rigid, she always wanted the teacher to apply her discretion and good judgement to every “mysterious” situation (read absorbent mind chapter 25 and 26). The most important thing is that you understand the principle behind the method and work with each child based on his peculiar needs.

I am truthful with parents and tell them i do not do pure Montessori and have adapted some ideas from the British and American curriculum, as my experience has shown that different methods work with different children.

Would you like to have a google hang out so we can discuss the Montessori philosophy?

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