Best place to stay besides home when you caught cold in Guangzhou

About her: Soey the author is a 24-year-old Chinese resident, located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, currently unemployed.

For someone who unfortunately catches cold (i.e., who need some hot water only, and definitely don’t need wind and the crowd), while his/her dorm is not a great place to rest upon, I strongly recommend the Starbuck here at Xingang 82, just outside Zhongda metro station (of line 8). It is basically a post-industrial style, a 2-floor building.

This photo was shot at my seat.
  • The icon-made staircase and handrail are cold and hard, making sharp echoes as I walk upstairs.
  • The design of this building is so simple that it has basically no walls. It is instead structured by metal frameworks, covered by glasses surroundings, and parted by pieces of floor-to-ceiling woods and curtains.
  • This place makes a perfect workplace environment. The glass walls allow sunshine to come in as much as possible. The desks are in “C” shapes which can be put in front, at one side, or together. Most importantly, there are few people here even on Saturday.

The only drawback I should say is that the toilet is a bit far away.

OK, now, enough chit-chat. I’d better get back to work now.

Oh, and I hope I can get better by the time I leave here!