Why Woman faces infertility problem?

Normally it is seen that in woman fertility rate starts declining with the increasing age and this decline in females become more definite in their thirties or may be in mid thirties. Usually in older women the problem of infertility arises due to the decreasing of the number of eggs and along with it the declining quality of eggs may also raise hindrance in the way of conceiving.

Along with it this is also true that in many women problems with ovulation process is one of the most common causes of infertility. Ovulation is the monthly release of an egg but in some cases it is seen that the woman never releases eggs, while in some woman during their monthly menstruation cycle the egg during the cycle does not releases normally as it use to happen in normal women.

But today with the proper spread of education it becomes clear that if any couple faces the problem of infertility then it might be possible that out of both genders one may be responsible for this. It is also possible that either one or both of them may responsible for raising this infertility problem. So it becomes necessary that in the case if any couple is enjoying physical relation for a longer period and instead of it they fails to conceive then they must consult the infertility specialist to find the root cause of this problem.

However further studies and researches proves that due to the use of alcohol there may rise in the level of birth defects due to which the whole process of fertility becomes difficult. In men due to the excess use of alcohol sperm s may decrease automatically. In many women the problem of infertility may also rises due to the eating disorders. Due to which the couple may suffer from very low calorie etc. Sometimes it is also seen that due to lack of exercise the problem of infertility increases. Due to the lack of exercise in the youngsters the problem of obesity may also rises. This is also true that male’s hypothalamus pituitary gland regulates the chain of hormonal events due to which tests use to produce. It also help a lot in producing proper sperms in male’s body but in the case if hypothalamus pituitary gland starts malfunctioning then several thing in the male body may go wrong.

Mainly IVF is one of several possible methods which are simply use to increase the chances of conceiving for an infertile couple so that they may cross this hurdle easily. But the point of great importance which is very necessary to discuss here is that the use of IVF treatment mainly depends on the reason of infertility. There is no doubt in this fact that IVF may prove to be a good option in that case where due to the blockage in fallopian tubes woman is unable to conceive from the IVF center in India. To conclude we can say that no doubt IVF is the right technique to cope with the problem of infertility but along with it this is also true that IVF is a time consuming process.

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