Definitely A World Wide Web

Thousands of years has past to come to this informative age, where we use technology together to expand our knowledge and creativity. Technology has changed our lifestyle and greatly enhanced our living criteria. Without any doubt, technology has left its mark on every field, such as education, communication, culture, and business etc.

Some of these changes had a great impact on medical records. It caused stomach cancer to deplete year by year since the great invention of the refrigerator. Technology has helped advance the use of surgical methods in its precision. This had the surgeons work to find and clear out tumor, in the brain and more, increase in its success rate, therefore more lives are being saved. From risking taking out the patient’s healthy brain tissue and maybe leaving behind bits of tumor, both of which can affect the patient and the tumor’s regrowth, Now tumor can be taken out completely, less risks and more efficiency. Next to health is hygiene, being clean and hygienic is one of our top priorities, hospitals now provide air-conditioning, this helps keep the environment away from dust and bacteria, it also treats patients comfortably. Any equipment used are well sterilized, the facilities are well managed and they keep the environment clear for all purposes.

Furthermore, Technology has done miracles in bringing much ease and comfort for students all around the world. Teachers are more knowledgeable, textbooks have printed pictures to show examples, students gain more explanation and study in a new environment which includes learning the basic insights of computer studies. They can study online while remaining at their home in any part of the world. They can learn any course and get a degree of their desired university online. Research material, laboratory experiments, understanding and controlling variables become more in depth and defined. More and more of these questions are getting that step closer to being solved.

Therefore such advances contribute in making people and life easier and comfortable. In addition, Elevators not only use less energy than stairs but, help the elderly move to places with ease and comfort. Now more than ever before, we can get fed with a higher flow of information with just a click of a button using the internet. Besides that, with the latest smart gadgets we are all able to obtain and satisfy ourselves with applications that we can benefit with. Technology is developing in a fast pace, we have social media helping us strengthen our relations with friends and family, connecting with people was never as fast or as easy as today.

The link to transportation and communication is that it is more convenient to contact one another. We have mobile data and internet access almost everywhere we go, using the internet is the fastest way to deliver messages even if the recipient is on the other side of the world. Although it is pleasing that, in many aspects, technology is giving positive impacts there are as much negative impact to technology. Advancements in numerous fields have come to us in exchange for great damage to the environment. The convenience to get on public transport can build up traffic and pollution, other than that factories, wastage, and human activities also contribute in the increase of various pollution, greenhouse gases and global warming. With the increased rate of pollution, many diseases are evolving every day. To win the fight against the breakout of diseases, we need to deal with pollution which itself is a destructive product of the modern technology.

In conclusion there is no doubt that technology gave us various positive impact. It is how we use the technology now that we know if it is benefiting us. Technology has helped us improve our way of life and Education provided us with a new set of skill and a better sense in mind. Questions, research and new discoveries are getting known and understood. Our society has improved, our community and culture is shared. Due to advances in technology the world progresses. It is not about whether technology is improving us or destroying us, It is the way we deal with technology and how we you technology to our advantage. It is all on the eye of the beholder…

— Farisha Ismail

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