Unconventional Farmers Setting the Tone for the Future of Agribusiness per Lisa M. Hamilton

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In her book, Deeply Rooted, journalist and photographer Hamilton builds an intimate portrait of three families looking outside of the conventional market, and working outside the support of urban areas, to maintain their connection to their land and save their farms. Embodying ethics and practicality, these families give voice to a larger group of people, setting the tone for the future of agribusiness. Throughout her book, Hamilton strives to change the role farmers play in our society, starting with “How much we ask them to participate, how much we respect them and how much we reward them.”

Sulphur Springs, TX

“Conventional agriculture doesn’t need people for much more than to run the machines and carry the debt.”

Four Phases of Market Transformation for Sustainable Agriculture as per author Lucas Simons

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We’re jumping into a season that is all about food: Thanksgiving turkey, figgy pudding, paleo hors d’oeuvres, pumpkin spice lattes, and the occasional egg nog. In honor of this jovial season, we should all take a moment to think about where our food comes from and how what we eat impacts the world.

I recently read Changing the Food Game: Market Transformation for Sustainable Agriculture by Lucas Simons, and overall think it is worth a read, especially for business-minded individuals or anyone looking to better understand the market forces impacting agricultural sectors and sustainability initiatives. The objective of the book is not to outline sustainable agricultural practices, but to dissect a problem and its root causes, provide a framework (supported by historical examples) for market transformation, outline and characterize the distinct phases, and explain the triggers and success factors for each phase. …


Sofia Moreno Cesar

Applying a critical lens to social good initiatives

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