The cancelling of A-Level and GCSE examinations this year has resurged conversations on the inherent inequalities that predicted grades pose for Black students. We must plan for life after COVID-19 and scrap this archaic system.

Empty classroom
Empty classroom

From primary to higher education, systemic barriers vigorously and consistently deny Black students the opportunity of a level playing field — or as this individualistic society likes to call it, meritocracy. It is been long-held by many African and Caribbean elders that education is a vital part of life and therefore highly regarded — many of us will have memories of our parents encouraging us to study hard. But what is also long-held, is the belief that we must ‘work twice as hard, to get just as far,’ an adage that has very real implications in 21st century UK schooling.

Sofia Akel

Race equality in higher education specialist, attainment gap advisor, writer and photographer.

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