Kemer, Turkey-first impression

We were in Turkey for 14 days and there were the most exciting holidays in our family. Kemer is a territory with a fresh lawn and lot of green trees.

The jorney from the airport was absolutely comfortable. We were in a big bus with convenient sittings and air conditioning. The road was not so smooth because there are mountainous terrain, however it has a good quality of construction.

The hotel was fabulous. It has a big territory with a lot of flowers, swimming pools, little bars and access to the sea. The beach was a bit inconvenient because it was made from little stones. But the sea is beautiful! It is transparent and turquoise-blue.

Through the 5 days we decided to go to the trip. We visited Jerusalem with my mom. It was unforgetable trip. The sights are so historical and religious. Moreover, Israel has got 7 climatic zones - from snowy mountains to the Dead sea beach. Bur it was very hot. It also was very hard for me to visit a lot of places in one day in such uncomfortable climate. People were kind and polite with tourists. Despite of the fact that it was very hot, I really enjoed the trip to Israel.

After this trip we decided to go to the trip in a cable car. It was very frightened and exciting at the same time. We saw wild goats in the mountains and took a lot of beautiful pictures.

In conclusion I want to say that Turkey is the most appropriate country for family holidays. I hope that the next country will be Bulgaria.

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