Is it possible to promote your Instagram account for free? — The answer is YES

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today.

The number of its’ users has exceeded 500 million, while the quantity of active users is about 300 million. Impressive, isn’t it?

Someone uses Instagram for personal purposes, someone for work.

Anyway, those 7 tips will be useful for you providing assistance with your Instagram campaign.

1. Post regularly

Regular posting helps your posts to be noticed by more people. When ranking a photo one of the factors that Instagram draws attention to is the number of posts and its periodicity. Try to post several times a day, or even make yourself a schedule and follow it.

2. Use filters

It’s easy to get lost in such variety of a visual content.

Therefore, do not neglect filters while processing pics. Additionally, it is better using the same filter for all photos. Try, experiment and choose the one that fits most pictures you post.

3. Pay attention to how your account looks in general

Oddly enough many popular Instagram accounts are keeping to the same color scheme. The appearance of such accounts is more pleasant to the eye and looks very stylish. Sure thing, this rule can’t be applied for every occasion but some basic features of your account — Your style for example — should be maintained.

4. Use hashtags

Correct and popular hashtags help other users to find your account.

Which hashtags to use?

  • Use hashtags being relevant to your post
  • Find a few similar posts and see what hashtags they are marked with. Just click one of your hashtags to see through similar ones.

Also, lots of people do not disdain to use hashtags #followforfollow #likeforlike and other similar ones. But it seems to me that they look a little bit ridiculous. It’s up to you whether to use them or not.

5. Psssst it’s illegal :)

You can use different services to get more followers. They mass-follow other accounts, like photos and thereby, many of these accounts follow/like you back. Despite the fact that this method is a way to gain an audience, it will not bring you a lot of engagement in future. But if the Instagram account is fresh enough and you need a little more than 100 subscribers, then this method will come in handy.

As known, people are more likely to subscribe to accounts with a large number of people (this is purely a psychological factor), you also should continue working on the quality of the audience.

Just google and you will find a lot of services, offering both free trials and different paid plans.

P.S.: If your account is all brand new and fresh, it is better to wait for a certain period of time, so that you will not be banned and do not come it too strong with this method. Instagram draws a special attention to new accounts.

6. Don’t forget about emojis

Posts with emojis are always more engging to read, they attract a lot more attention.

Also, use emojis while answering in comments.

7. Make contests

Contests are a great way to develop your followers and attract new ones.

Here is a good example of how and what kind of contests might be used.

How do you promote your Instagram account? Any useful tips? Let’s share experience!