Reasons why some people don’t agree with the k to 12 program

Education is a stepping stone, it’s necessary to everyone in order to achieve the future they dreamed of. It’s something that should not be re-created but should be improved but because of the k to 12 program that was implemented by our former president Benigno Aquino III a lot of issues were conveyed, versions after versions some were positive but mostly it was negative comments about the program.

And here are the reasons why:

First, it will be expensive for some family; the parents have to work hard for another two years to support their children's needs the transportation, the food and other expenses. And also the lack of money to support the said curriculum, since it will not be enough how can they fully support this program if there's a lot of problems that needs to be fixed or given attention to, like the lack of classrooms, furnitures and equipments in other schools around the Philippines. How sure are they that the k to 12 program will be progressive?

Second is that they say the k to 12 program is said to be helpful to the students in deciding on what to pursue for their tertairy education but how about the students who doesn't have the strand the like in the school then they'll have to move to another school and adjust to the new environment again. Also we all remember what they said that after they graduate Senior high they could already apply for a job and also that they would make students ready for the world of work when they graduate in high school and that's where they're wrong because firm or other jobs are not hiring fresh high school graduates because firms would want a college graduate who have a 4 years course with a degree and a college diploma rather than a high school diploma that wouldn't get you anywhere except if you want a job that involves a labor work.

Lastly, is of course every parent would want their child to graduate from college and because of the k to 12 program that added another two years in high school, now the parents have to work extra to support their child but the parents aren't even sure if they could support them all throughout their college years.

Let me just add this that instead of adding two more years and new subjects or new curriculum the organization that were assigned to this should have thought of a ways to improved the old instead of adding a new one and prolonging the years of the students in high school. We don’t have to do what other countries are doing we, we have our own ways, we could always find a new ways because we are Filipinos.