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👩‍💻 UX Designer & Contributor to AIxDesign community | 🏠 From Brazil living in the Netherlands | ℹ️

The Challenge

In what ways can digital tools bring residents with different levels of engagement together to build an inclusive community?

In light of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, much of the connections we have and continue to make in the physical world have been transferred to the digital sphere. One of…

Making Machine Learning accessible to people with no data science knowledge

As part of the AIxDesign community, on October 29th, Nirman Dave presented a keynote showing the current stage and new possibilities for Machine Learning. Nirman is a co-founder of, a non-technical business analyst tool to run predictions on historical data rapidly. …

Working in advertising for over ten years and switching to UX two years ago. I realized how storytelling is crucial for both areas and, at the same time, how similar and different it can be. …

Since I started learning UX, I have been reading articles that end up in the same question: “Should UX designers learn to code?”

I always asked myself about it and in my opinion, it’s really important for designers to understand which components you can use, the complexity of implementing it…

I remember since my childhood that I was already very proactive about my career. At that time I truly believed that Audiovisual was my only and correct path, following my parents on their professions. …

This story is a follow-up on my previous article UX Case Study — App to control migraine.

Tools Used: Sketch, Invision

Target Devices: Mobile (iOS)

Time: 1 week

A few weeks have gone since I start working on the UX for my last project, an app to help people who…

After presenting the mid-fidelity prototype we continue the research process conducting a usability test, in order to have a concise product and have support data from users. We decided to perform a guerrilla test, interviewing toy store employees and parents at the playground.

We conclude from the test that they:

This quick 4 days project was a challenge to create a new feature on a current app. For this third challenge part of Ironhack — UX/UI Design bootcamp, I chose to add a very cool feature for Treatwell an application for finding beauty treatments.


To start this process, I made…

Tools Used: Figma, Miro, Sketch.

Target Devices: Mobile

For the second work as part of Ironhack, we received the briefing to work in an individual Wellness project. I had one week to develop an idea, research, define, and create the mid-fidelity prototype, for that, I explored how we can leverage…

Tools Used: Figma, Miro, Sketch.

Target Device: Desktop

For the first work on Ironhack as a group of 4 people from different nationalities, we received the briefing and worked for 2 weeks designing a new website for a local Toy Story in Amsterdam. …

Sofia Aquino Gomez

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